Our simple, easy to use “track anything” app is out!

Use it to track anything: running, skating, daily dog walks, your commute, hiking, off-road adventuring and whatever else you would like to keep a route of. It is free and does not have any annoying ads. There is an in-app-purchase to enable comparing of up to five routes on one screen but this in not needed to enjoy and utilise the app.

The app stores all the routes locally on your device. Uninstalling the app will result in the loss of your routes. We plan to update the app in future with the option to save the routes in the cloud. If you enjoy the app please leave a review on the App Store and consider purchasing the in-app-purchase as this allows the app to be developed and improved.

Leave us a comment below or contact us on info@8bitstudios.co.za if you have any further questions or comments.

A Guide to Using the App

Route Information Screen (Opening Screen):

This screen shows all your saved routes, tap on a route to view it’s details, swipe a route and you will be able to edit the name or delete it. Tap on the “New Route” button to go to the Tracking Screen.

Route Tracking Screen:

Here you will see a live view of your route. Use the buttons at the bottom to Start or Stop the route and also Mark a Point-of-Interest (POI). POIs are positions along your route that you would want to remember or look back on afterwards. You can add a Name, Description and Photos to the POI and also edit them later from the Route Detail Screen. Tap the settings icon to change the units being used and the type of map.

Route Detail Screen:

Your saved route will be displayed on a map along with any POIs. Swipe the detail view up to see the profile of the route and any POI details. You can swipe the POI to edit or delete (similar to the main Route Information Screen).